Where your money goes

Repairs to the Church


The funds that the Friends raise go towards helping with trepairs to the fabulous building that is St Mary's Church Old Basing.   

The Survey


Every 5 years there is a survey done that assesses the state of repair of the church.  The latest quinennial survey revealed and extensive amount of work to be done and the the estimates have been more than £120,000 to complete the work

Work in progress

 restoration team working hard

There is now a dedicated and highly skilled restoration team working hard to repair and restore the elements  identified in the survey and they can be seen in all weathers up on the scaffolding around the church.



If you have been in the church recently, you will know how cold it has been.  Many of the windows have been removed and boarded up to allow for them to be restored to their former glory (and weather tightness)



The Friends recently presented  Reverend Heather with a cheque for £80,000 towards the restoration.  This represented the fundraising over a number of years and is something we are quite proud of.

What next


 We were only able to do what we have because of all the support we have had from members of the Friends  - through membership fees and attending our many events each year. .